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Why we created ExpectMe

As is the case for many other companies, it all started with finding a solution for an unpleasant experience. When arriving in a hotel, did you ever receive a hotel room that didn’t meet your expectations? Well, our founder is a hospitality lover and experienced this multiple times himself until he decided to do something about it and created a unique platform for the hotel industry.

What ExpectMe does

Guests are able to optimize their experience based on personal preferences. More specifically, guests are allowed to hand select and guarantee their preferred room, prior to arrival. In doing so, the hotel provides a more personalized experience and is able to better exceed their expectations.

“ExpectMe is the first independent room allocation platform for the hotel industry.”

Roeland VerhammeFounder of ExpectMe

How it works

ExpectMe allows hotel guests to select and guarantee their preferred room directly from a floor plan of the hotel. As the guest is taken through an intuitive step-by-step process, they are presented with different upsell opportunities.

A couple of days prior to arrival, the platform will extract the necessary booking information out the property management system in order to give the guest the opportunity to maximize their stay by room allocation. The guest selects the preferred room and, optionally, any additional services. After final confirmation, the data will be sent straight away back to the hotel.

How we integrate

ExpectMe integrates easily with your property management system and has been developed to operate as automated as possible based on your own system. We provide multiple integrations with world leading cloud-based PMS companies.

We care about data protection!

During the process, all data is encrypted. Our customers expect us to ensure that data is handled very carefully, both from a security and a privacy perspective. For this reason, we have designed ExpectMe from the ground up according to the latest industry best practices concerning security and privacy.

Why people love what we do

Profit for the hotel

  • Reduce reservations from OTA’s
  • Increase enrollment into loyalty program
  • Accelerate check-in procedures
  • The room is chosen by the guest
  • Lower operating costs by reducing room changes
  • Increase in ADR, RevPAR and net profit
  • Don’t miss out on upsell opportunities
  • Employees can focus more on exceeding the guests expectations

Profit for the hotel guest

  • Personal setup of the platform
  • Never stay overnight in a room that does not meet your expectations
  • Smoother and faster check-in procedure
  • Guaranteed room
  • Ultimate hotel experience
  • Extra service with a personal touch

Some interesting facts

  • 34% of airline passengers pay to select their seat
  • 73% of hotel guests indicate that they would love to select their individual room
  • 39% of hotel guests are willing to pay €5 or more to select their individual room
  • Guests are willing to pay 5% till 15% of the ADR to select their individual room

Let’s get in touch!

We hope you are triggered by what we do, but most probably you will have
some additional questions. We look forward answering them.