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ExpectMe transforms hotel bookings with innovative room selection technology

In a market craving personalization and unique experiences, ExpectMe is redefining the travel industry with its unique room selection platform, allowing guests to choose their rooms from a detailed interactive floor plan.

It’s inspired by the airline industry, where 34% of passengers pay extra for seat selection. ExpectMe currently caters to a range of hotels, from boutique city hotels to luxury resorts, who see similar conversion rates after signing up. Apart from room selection and upselling opportunities, hotels offer their guests additional services to further personalize their stay.

This novel approach doesn’t just enhance guest satisfaction; it’s a game-changer for hotels aiming to boost incremental revenue, drive direct bookings, and improve operational efficiency. All of this, powered by this SaaS platform with seamless two-way integrations with the hotel’s cloud-based PMS for full automation.

Point A Hotels, a collection of ten centrally located hotels in the UK and Ireland, showcases the effectiveness of ExpectMe. Striving to enhance direct bookings and enrich guest experiences, the group was one of the early adopters and is showing remarkable results since implementation.

A guest’s testimony shines light on this unique offering:

“A couple of days before check-in, we received an email allowing us to choose our preferred room, a feature I’ve never encountered before but found incredibly thoughtful.”

The ease and effectiveness of this transition are echoed by Ana Costa, Senior Commercial Technology Manager:

“The onboarding process was straightforward, marked by clear guidelines and unwavering support at every step. The platform’s flexibility encourages creativity, especially in crafting room descriptions and integrating visual and textual content.”

Nick Pilbeam, Commercial Director, further validates this success:

“Guests booking with us directly have really valued this personalization of their experience. Our highest value guests are becoming regular users, even further improving their experience when staying at Point A Hotels.”

The concept of seat selection has been standard practice in airplanes, cinemas, and theatres for years. ExpectMe is now bringing this level of personalization to hotels.

The platform is expanding rapidly, ready to redefine hospitality standards. Are you interested to join this innovative journey?

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