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All the features you need, and more

ExpectMe isn’t just another tool, we empower your current ones.

Monetize each individual room

For the first time, hotels can increase revenue beyond traditional room type pricing. Offer guests the ability to select their preferred room before arrival for a small fee, even if it’s the same room type originally booked. With ExpectMe, hotels open a new era of revenue streams personalized to the needs of your guests.

Interactive floor plan

Empower guests with an interactive floor plan, integrated with Google Maps, to enhance their room selection experience. They can easily navigate through different floors, view room locations and features, and use filters to find their ideal room. Hotels are in control of their content, providing a full description and images for each individual room to help guests make an informed decision.

Upselling rooms & more

The room selection process offers guests a variety of options that match their desired features. Higher room categories are also presented as an upselling opportunity for hotels to increase revenue. Once a room is chosen, guests can further personalize their stay by adding additional products and services provided by the hotel.

Data insights

Maximize revenues by making data-driven decisions about pricing, as well as the products and services offered. Our interactive dashboard provides hotels with a comprehensive overview of their performance, either at the hotel or chain level. Further in-depth analysis is available to uncover strengths and opportunities for even greater revenue optimization.

Automation and control

Hotels have full control over their content, flexibility, inventory, and pricing with our 2-way integration to modern cloud-based PMS systems. Real-time synchronization ensures up-to-date availability and instant booking processing. Bookings made through ExpectMe update the PMS reservation, including room assignment and adding notes for efficient operations.

Guest engagement

ExpectMe allows hotels to engage with guests directly, in their preferred way, and focus fully on an elevated guest experience. The platform enables hotels to send pre-arrival messages and customize text and logo to reflect their brand. Alternatively, hotels can easily integrate our unique link into their existing guest communication tool when this is integrated with your PMS. ExpectMe supports multiple languages to engage with guests globally.

Support from dedicated professionals

We provide best in class support at all stages of your experience with us. Brace yourself to experience Seamless onboarding process and consulting services from our dedicated team of hospitality and technology professionals.

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Some interesting facts

  • 34% of airline passengers pay to select their seat
  • 73% of hotel guests indicate that they would love to select their individual room
  • 39% of hotel guests are willing to pay €5 or more to select their individual room
  • Guests are willing to pay 5% till 15% of the ADR to select their individual room